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USESPON workshop in Luxembourg

Publication date:2013-08-27, Last updated:2013-11-17
The first interactive USESPON workshop was held in Walferdange (Luxembourg) on 11 July. This workshop showcased a variety of ESPON results with relation to research and innovation in Europe. Invited stakeholders included policy makers and researchers from the innovation field as well as practitioners from the area of European Territorial Cooperation.

The workshop aimed at supporting the use of relevant ESPON findings by applying these to strategies and measures for innovation policy in the context of European Territorial Cooperation. Based on ESPON results, participants worked out the “research, development and innovation profile” of Luxembourg and developed recommendations of how future-oriented innovation strategies can be implemented in the context of European Territorial Cooperation.

The discussion evolved around Luxembourg’s role as an “applied science region” and how Territorial Cooperation can help to make best use of its assets, while counterbalancing its potential weaknesses. Beyond Luxembourg, also the Greater Region (inlcuding neighbours in Belgium, Germany and France) was taken into account. Concrete measures were discussed to include all relevant innovation stakeholders and facilitate their interaction in innovation processes.

In a second step, the Delphi-method will now allow to refine workshop outcomes. Participants will be able to reflect on and further develop the discussion in a written process that summarises interim conclusions and encourages their advancement. Results of this consultation will be published in a later stage.

Support materials, used during the workshop (in English, German and French language versions), are available here.

Below you can find presentations from the workshop and the leaflet that synthesises the results of the whole Delphi consultation process (including the workshop).